The card was for me!

              Can you relate?

I’ve got too many balls in the air simultaneously!!   Getting ready for before-lunch yoga class…while thinking of what to teach in my afternoon class.  I still have some spare time to squeeze in a long-distance Tarot reading while having my morning coffee.     

I tune in to my far away client, really feeling connected to my guides and the cards….shuffle….and a card jumps out of the deck.  Rockets was more descriptive to what happened to me just now.   I pick up the card, turn it and blurt out laughing!!

The card is for me!!  

Don’t tell me the cards can’t speak.  The can!!  And they do!  

I have projects going on in at least five different areas.  I’ve got new ideas lined up to be manifested into reality!  I have three dogs and a husband who needs attention and love.  It is the rainy season, hot and humid!!  I organize and delegate and am on turbo, even in my sleep.  And this just a few days after recovering from a heavy cold.  My body gave me fever  and a near to pneumonia experience in order to put me to bed.  I was grounded for two weeks!  Over two weeks.  Measures my body has to take to make me rest.!   But once I’m up and going, I forget all about it and race along again. 

This card is for me!  

Laughter champagned up through my throat!  

The long distance reading is set on “wait” until todays classes and doggy walks and other chores are done, and the quiet of the evening has set in.   I take the warning seriously and am happily grateful for my guide’s and angel’s sense of humor!!  

Have a great day!

Breathe and Smile and Enjoy!

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